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Trust and Estate paralegal NY

paralegal new york


Let us introduce you to an alternative solution for all of your document preparation needs. 



What is a Virtual Paralegal?

A Virtual Paralegal is a self-employed, independent contractor with the ability to provide the same legal support as an in-house paralegal with a very significant difference.  A Virtual Paralegal performs tasks such as legal document preparation; reviewing, organizing and maintaining client files; performing legal research, etc. - all from the Paralegal's home-based office.  A Virtual Paralegal saves you thousands of dollars in overhead expenses, such as office space, furniture, equipment, software, taxes, insurance, vacation and sick pay, health insurance, and other typically offered employment benefits such as life insurance or retirement fund contributions. 


You can hire a Virtual Paralegal for a single project or for all of your support needs.  Contracting a Virtual Paralegal, instead of a temp or full-time in-office paralegal, negates having to pay agency hiring fees or spend countless hours in training, and we do the work when you need it, with no downtime or wasted hours with washroom breaks, coffee breaks, or office chitchat.  Speaking of chitchat, you also protect yourself from all of those wasted HR hours for in-house employee conflicts!


By partnering with a Virtual Paralegal, you could literally save your business THOUSANDS of DOLLARS annually! 



Chances are that our Virtual Paralegal is more experienced, more efficient, and better

connected than the typical new hire.   As such, we need to devote far less time to the project to

get the same results, only 20 hours a week versus 40 for the new employee. 


Your employee's 8 hour day can be crunched into 3-4 hours with a Virtual Paralegal.

Virtual Assistants

Be sure to check out our Virtual Assistant Services page for the other services that we offer!





Probate paralegal, Trusts and Estates

We specialize in Trust & Estate work!

VPANY only assists attorneys ~ if you need a referral to one of our amazing attorneys, just let us know!

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