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Virtual Paralegal Services

encrypted file transfer and storage

Our services are performed using top-notch equipment and software, including HotDocs, Lackner 6-in-1, Microsoft, Adobe, McAfee, Westlaw, and numerous other tools to achieve your goals.  Data stored in our various storage and transfer utilities is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption.

One Drive document storage
cloud file storage and transfer
Utilizing Microsoft software products
Clio law firm document management
Locating people
virtual file storage
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Tresorit file storage
adobe dc PDF editor



VPANY's main emphasis remains with New York Estate and Trust administration and settlement process, which we can do for you from start to finish (in accordance with New York Surrogate's Court Procedures Act Rules); however, we have branched out to include Estate administration in additional States (set forth below).   Please note our other services, which tend to go hand-in-hand with many of the Estate administrations that we assist with.

Trusts & Estates

  - Probate 

  - Estate Administration & Settlement (NY, as well as CA, NJ, OH, PA, TX and more... contact us for more information) 

  - Maryland Long Term Care Medicaid Applications

  - Estate tax returns (form 706) (all States)

  - Gift tax returns (form 709)

  - Trust administration and settlement

  - Asset transfers and/or liquidation

  - Accountings

  - Compromise actions for wrongful death/personal injury

  - Calculation of Fiduciary Commissions

  - Review and organization of fiduciary records

  - Locating lost heirs with our team forensic genealogist

Estate Planning & Elder Law

  - Guardianships (accounting, motions)

  - Medicaid (institutional)

  - Last Wills & Testament

  - Trusts

  - Powers-of-Attorney

  - Health Care Proxies

  - Video-conferencing notarization

Lost Monies

​We have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars 

for our clients ~ contact us today so we can uncover

your lost monies!

Estate Litigation

  - Pleadings

  - ​Affidavits

  - Service of Process

  - E-Filings

  - Record requests

  - ​Research

  - Compromise Actions (wrongful death, etc.)

Real Estate

  - Deeds and supporting documents

  - Closing attendance (in NYC area)

  - ​Co-Op Transfers

Time & Billing

Service of Process


Please contact us for our hourly rates.  VPANY requires a signed contract prior to beginning any work. 

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VPANY only assists attorneys ~ if you need a referral to one of our amazing attorneys, just let us know!

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