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No water cooler chit chat...

I have been in a few offices over the past three decades but never was one for "water cooler chit chat." I was always too busy to chat it up, rather grabbed the beverage quickly, returning to my office to sink back into my accounting, make that phone call, or tackle any number of the daily tasks before me.

I have learned; however, that I am not the norm (my husband would love to chime in here, no doubt). I have noted first-hand how the water cooler gab fests can go from a casual hello into a half-hour or longer chat session about the latest episode of Survivor and, much too often, the office degenerating gossip. Statistically, very few employers give credence to increased moral or productivity for the amount of time their employees spend around the water cooler.

Just one of many reasons to hire a virtual, freelance paralegal.

You will never pay any of our paralegals for time spent other than actual work product.

Virtual paralegals are an excellent asset to attorneys for two main reasons, time and money:

Time - Attorneys who work at small firms or are self-employed do not need a full-time paralegal. Instead of having a paralegal commute to the office on a varying weekly schedule, lawyers connect with their virtual paralegal at the click of a button. It’s convenient for both parties and saves money, which brings me to my next point.

Money - Contracting is cost-effective. Hiring a full-time traditional paralegal can cost at least $45,000 annually due to salary, benefits and office equipment, depending on your geographical area. Freelance virtual paralegals work with attorneys on an as-needed basis. You don't need us, you don't pay us.

Contact us. In quoting every one of the attorneys we are assisting (world-wide), you will be glad you did.

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