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NY E-Notarization

Senate Bill 1780C allows New York Notaries to conduct remote online notarizations. Details of the new law include:

- The Notary must maintain a journal that includes each notarization performed electronically. The journal must include the date and time of the act, the name of the principal, the type of technology used (i.e., Zoom), and if identification was presented by the principal or if the principal was personally known to the person. This journal must be kept for as long as the Notary holds a license, plus five years thereafter (journaling isn't new, of course, but the information to be journaled is). A copy of VPANY's journal can be found at

- The Notary must record (audio and visual) the signing by the principal and the recording must be kept for 10 years. A third-party service, such as VPANY, can be utilized to maintain the recordings but must be accessible upon demand by the Secretary of State.

- The notarized document must include a Certificate of Authenticity (see Annex it to the original document when signed by the Notary.

- The Notary has to be present within the State of New York - the principal can be in any of the United States (outside of New York).

- The principal must sign while being watched by the Notary. Then the principal will send the originally signed document to the Notary for notarization.

- The notarial jurat should include the county where the Notary is located, not where the principal sits.

- The document being electronically notarized must include the language "this remote notarial act involves the use of communication technology."

All documents, including Wills and deeds, are included under the statute.

Just let us know if VPANY can assist you with your notarization needs!

Rebecca Cullen

Virtual Paralegal Associates of New York, LLC



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